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Blessings and problems at our home | Planets in 4th house

Everything written about the planets in 4th house is from http://www.southfloridaastrologer.com.

All of this is connected with home:

How to find out which planets are in your 4th house?
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The fourth house is where the lines are red and the most importnant: the number 4 needs to be there. The big circled symbols are two planets: venus and mars. How to find out if a planet is in your first house, and which one, you need to help yourself with this:

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Sun in 4th house
The chart holder with a fourth-house sun is not happy unless their home life is happy. Because the fourth house can be deep and emotional, the sun here has to work extra hard to liven and inspire things. They thrive and excel in a home that is active, alive, open and loving. If they aren't in this type of home environment, they will not feel invigorated about their life. They will strive to make the changes necessary to give them the home and family life they need. A fourth-house sun person takes pride in their heritage, and respects their ancestors along with the trials and difficulties they endured to advance the family line to its current point. With this position, the chart holder feels that their ancestors, current family and their house truly make and reflect exactly who they are. Fourth-house suns often reminisce about their childhood as wonderful and positive. They tend to remember the good and dismiss the bad as they are acutely aware of how their childhood made them who they are today.

Home and family are paramount for fourth-house moons as they look to home and family as their sanctuary in the world. Interacting with family members is serious business for fourth-house moons, and any disagreements or disputes are taken to heart. Their heritage is experienced on a feeling level rather than as something they learn about as they mature and it is always a part of them on a deeply emotional level. Whether for better or worse, fourth-house moons have deep relationships with their parents, but it is the relationship with their mother which is deepest. Commonly fourth-house moon chart holders spend a great deal of time with their mothers growing up and are often home giving their mothers constant emotional support. Separating from their mothers to create their own home is done carefully, always keeping their mother's feelings in mind. They welcome the continued support of their mother as they grow their own family and always keep her as a priority in their lives.

Mercury in 4th house

In the fourth house, Mercury brings a welcomed light and an unbiased, slightly detached feeling to this otherwise deeply emotional house. Communication among family members is assisted with Mercury here. Mercury wants to talk things through. If there is tension because of disagreements, Mercury will break things down into rational pieces that can be sorted through intellectually, and solutions can be found without the emotional drama that often haunts the fourth house. The deep, often unconscious and often negative feelings that brew at home can be brought into a lighter, more conscious realm and dealt with in a more detached and unbiased way. Using words rather than feelings to solve problems is Mercury's forte, and in the fourth house, this can go along to creating a peaceful atmosphere. With a fourth-house Mercury, there may have been a parent who was somewhat detached in the chart holder's childhood.
Venus in 4th house 
Always polite and amiable with family members, Venus in the fourth house wants a pleasant home life. A well decorated, clean house is important with this placement and family life is valued greatly. The fourth-house Venus chart holder will always see the good side of home life, overlooking the negative as a child and as an adult. They are also fond of their heritage regardless of how wonderful it actually is because, for them, it is inherently valuable. As a child, there was at least one parent who they saw as gentle, patient and caring and the chart holder wants to carry this feeling into the home they establish as an adult.
Mars in 4th house
Satisfying the needs of the will in the fourth house can be difficult because it is a deep, emotional house where much of the feeling is unconscious. Mars is an impatient, conscious planet and doesn't have time for, or understand the emotional undercurrents which are better dealt with using patience and tact. To complicate it further, the house inextricably involves family members with whom the relationships are extremely close and even vital. Because Mars only serves the will of the chart holder, delicate family emotions are often dished a harsh blow by Mars' aggressive, determined and intrinsically selfish style. If Mars takes the need to satisfy its own will too far in the fourth house, the vital relationships with parents and children can be harmed, leaving Mars feeling uncared for and alone. At its best, Mars in the fourth house uses its aggressive, assertive strength to support its family, defending weaker members or values that keep the family together. The chart holder with this placement of Mars will see at least one parent as strong, aggressive, impatient or possibly self-serving.
Jupiter in 4th house

A fourth-house Jupiter wants a large, bustling home with children, friends and relatives coming through constantly to share in the joyful atmosphere. There is a desire for a large property and often a propensity for owning animals. The chart holder's heritage is always regarded proudly and is likely researched with great interest. Property ownership is highly valued and there is likely an inheritance of property at some point. The chart holder's childhood is regarded as unrestrained and there is plenty of opportunity provided by the family in terms of financial and emotional support. As an adult, the fourth-house Jupiter person has loose reins with family members allowing children ample space to explore and experience the world. An open and honest attitude with family members is found with Jupiter in the fourth house.
Saturn in 4th house 
Family and home life can feel restrictive and burdensome when Saturn is in the fourth house. Childhood may have been lacking financially or emotionally. There may have been a parent who was viewed as overly strict, or a parent who expected the chart holder to support the family in some way. Either way, the childhood experience was not easy. This feeling is transferred into adulthood causing the fourth-house Saturn person to see home and family as a restrictive responsibility. At best, the chart holder simply takes family life serious and is a responsible provider and caretaker. At worst, family is seen as unbearably restrictive and the chart holder longs to escape from it, or avoids establishing a traditional family for fear it will be a burden. There may be scars in the family heritage that the chart holder does not want to accept.
Uranus in 4th house

During childhood a fourth-house Uranus can give the chart holder an unwelcomed feeling of detachment from their family. The detached feeling isn't chosen by the chart holder. It is simply present in the family. Perhaps a parent is frequently absent due to work, or there is a divorce or the death of a close family member during the chart holder's childhood. Or, it can be a more subtle situation where the parents are always busy with their own matters. The chart holder may be an only child who simply has fewer people in the home and is left feeling detached. It is common for these chart holders to have frequent changes in their childhood. Changes in residences or economic status are common with Uranus in the fourth house. As an adult, the chart holder with Uranus in their fourth house will transfer these feelings into the family they develop. There may be unconscious need to detach from home and family or to create crises that invokes change. Home and family life may feel stagnant without frequent upheavals or changes. Family heritage is likely filled with unexplained breaks in the family line and isn't of great interest to the chart holder. At least one parent is seen as distant.
Neptune in 4th house
Emotional undercurrents of suffering are present in the childhood of the chart holder with Neptune in the fourth house. It could be any family member including the chart holder who is seen as the one enduring the suffering. There is also one family member who is a scapegoat and who receives the blame for the painful situation. Another family member is seen as a golden family member and is exempt from the pain. The perception of the roles are different from person to person, but the chart holder will feel the dynamic deeply. There is often one parent who has an addiction, usually drinking, and there is a feeling that this person wants to escape from the family. Even with all of the confusing, unconscious suffering and blame, there is an overall feeling of compassion in the family and there is often a person, or people who are willing to suffer for the other family members. Family heritage may be difficult to trace, but there is a comfort found in learning from whatever information is available. In adulthood, the chart holder is compassionate toward their family and willing to sacrifice for them.
Pluto in 4th house
Unconscious power struggles are found when Pluto is the fourth house. In childhood, the power struggles are usually between the parents of the chart holder and perceived by the child, but these struggles also occur between the chart holder and parents especially as the chart holder reaches puberty. The death of a close family member during the chart holder's childhood is sometimes experienced as Pluto is the planet of death and new beginnings. This death may not be literal, but can be experienced as the death of a marriage because of divorce or the death of a parent's career. A fourth-house Pluto may also be experienced as a controlling atmosphere in the childhood home. At least one parent is perceived as intense and controlling. As an adult, the chart holder with Pluto in the fourth house inevitably feels tension at home. The control theme is always present and the question is always whether to relinquish control to other family members or hold onto power. There are often secrets in the family heritage that are not addressed.

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