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Intuition, emotions, the mother / Moon in signs

Hello my dear friends!

In this post I'm going to talk about our dear moon. Moon signs were in the past even more importnant than sun signs, because they tell so much more about ourselves. Our sun signs (this is the sign that's promoted everywhere, used in horoscopes, in magazins etc.) are not our whole self, let's say it's just the core of our being and mostly: our ego. If you want to know what a person likes the most to hear about themselves, just ask them what's his sun sign. People who are born in august and are leos who love to get compliments anyway, are going to love you for telling them how fun, great, majestic they are! Or aries: tell them they are wild, temperamented, risky and they are going to take it as a compliment!
Our moon sign is much more complicated than that. It is connected with our emotions, intuition, imagination,femininity, it symbolises the mother and the wife. You can not explain your personality and emotions just by the moon, because you are not just a moon. You are your whole natal chart, every weird symbol or line is there for a reason, everything has its meaning.

Example 1:
Sun sign: aries
Moon sign: pisces
Combination of both: you are wild, impatient, stubburn, love to have fun, you go after what you want, strong, natural leader and love to be complimented as someone who is strong, has fire in their eyes and is a winner. This is what you want, this is how you want to see yourself, this is how you see yourself.
BUT at the same time you are a big cryer. Maybe you do explode really easy from anger, but at the same time 1 minute after the fight you end up in your room crying like a baby. You are a big dreamer. Both pisces and aries are huge dreamers and you are very intuitive, maybe also psyhic.
What I want you to tell is, you maybe are inside yourself an aries, but you emotions are much stronger, deeper, sensitiver, intuitiver than from an aries.

 If you want to know how moon and sun signs combine themselves, just google it.
Example what to write in google: sun sign sagittarius moon sign gemini

 In this post I'm going to explain you just moon in signs and not where in your life are you acting the most like that, not what are the obstacles, not what is helping you by that. This is going to come in the future and then you are going to understand it much more.
Let's just start at the bottom, let's build the foundation for our house. 

 How to find out what IS your moon sign?
Click here, write in when you were born and the result is your moon sign. My moon sign is gemini, what is yours? I love moon signs!

Moon in aries
My expirience: they can become very angry too fast, never play mind games with them or annoy them just for fun, you will regret it very quickly

Moon in taurus 

My expirience: they are probably  some of the nicest people I've ever met; they have a hard time letting things or people go because of their love for routine

 Moon in gemini

 My expirience: that's me!! yay! We are always having a million toughts, we love a good sense of humour, to act like a child and we are also very curious

Moon in cancer

 My expirience: they love sweet and cute things, but are very moody and can become too depressed in their little shells, they are the people who play the motherly figure when they see someone suffering

Moon in leo

My expirience: they are such a joy and fun to be with, always looking for good times, everybody loves to be around them and they want people to feel good about themselves, they love to be in the center of attention

Moon in virgo

My expirience: they are very practical, they always have the need 'to do' something, they have a good sense of humour, when you need a practical help you can always count on them

Moon in libra
My expirience: they have a hard time making decisions but are very loved from people, they have good sense for beauty (they like cute things)  and balance in their lives and are pretty good talkers and have a sympatic apperiance

Moon in scorpio:
 My expirience: they always tell the truth no matter how cruel it is, most people are of afraid of moon in scorpio because of the power they posses, they are very sexuall and feel everything soo intense

Moon in sagittarius

My expirience: they can be very careless and always searching for new adventures, they love their freedom and are sometimes better off single, they also love to travel and to learn about new coltures

 Moon in aquarius
My expirience: they can have a very cool personality, almost every moon in aquarius sees themselves as a 'weirdo', they are rebels no matter in what family they grew up, they have also an oppinion about almost everything

Moon in pisces
My expirience: they suck others moods like a sponge, they can be somewhat psyhic and are big cryers, very artistic and dreamy, some of them are addicted to illusions or see people in a much better picture than they really are

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