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How do you love? Venus in signs


Okay guys, my friends know that I know more about astrology than most people and I want to tell you why.First: I'm no psychic-future-telling-witch. I just know how to read natal charts (a chart that shows the positions of planets on the time and place you were born), not to preddict the future, neither to say 100% what this person is like. But you know, in two years I collected some experiences that I want to share with you. If you don't believe in astrology and think I'm just talking bullshit, okay, I really don't care. But if you're interested in things that you're gonna read here, keep going.
Oh, and by the way, astrology is not equall horoscopes. Most of horoscopes on the internet are a complete bullshit, unnacourate and made up.

Because I'm a girl and girls love to talk about boys, love and relationships I'm going to give you some good advices about that. You can tell A LOT about  guys knowing his sign and positions from his moon and venus in a natal chat. I didn't say EVERYTHING, I said A LOT. Who a person is, is not decided from his planets, but also from his parents, his DNK, his childhood,memories and expiriences. But, if we look at it objectively there are some things that show us about this person that maybe were hidden from the first meetings.

If you don't know how to see where a venus or moon sign is place, go on this page, fullfill the questions and under the title ' Planet Positions, Ascendant, & Houses' and  read in the table your venus and moon sign.

For the slovenian people:
  • aries = oven
  • taurus = bik
  • gemini = dvojčka
  • cancer = rak
  • leo = lev
  • virgo = devica
  • libra = tehtnica
  • scorpio = škorpijon
  • sagittarius = strelec
  • capricorn = kozorog
  • aquarius = vodnar
  • pisces =  ribi
Okay. Now you know your moon and venus sign.
Venus is very prominent in aspects of love; influencing how you attract love as well as how you act in a relationship.
Moon Signs help define our emotional development, or express the unconscious side of our personality. It explains why we do what we do. This is where we retreat for comfort, childhood memories, and peace.

Here are the basic wishes that each sign is looking for in their relationships:  (it's from tumblr)

  • venus in aries:love shouldn't consume you
  • venus in taurus:love should give you safety
  • venus in gemini:love should be a connection of the mind
  • venus in cancer:love should feel like home
  • venus in leo:love should (above all) be fun
  • venus in virgo:love shouldn't be settling
  • venus in libra:love should be pleasing
  • venus in scorpio:love should transform you
  • venus in sagittarius:love should be an adventure
  • venus in capricorn:love shouldn't blind you
  • venus in aquarius:love shouldn't chain you
  • venus in pisces:love should engulf you

I'm going to make a list and typical traits of guys (but they're ALSO very true for girls)  for each sing. In this post I described only the venus signs, the moon post will come in the future. Oh, and just some warnings: what's your love style, how you love and if all the warnings that are written are true, is not just depending on your venus sign. You need to look for much more details. If you're interested I can share them with you in the future, just write down in the comments. Anyway, I wish you a nice reading!
(and I'm sorry for the bad english)
Have fun!

Venus in aries 

I cannot let you burn me up, nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.
Unknown (Venus in aries)

  • Approuch to love is direct,playfull,childish, and rashly, if they'll like you they'll tell you, they don't know shyness, love to haunt but , they handle things with intensity,power and speed and are very attractive to the public, they've got a big ego and are very sexuall
  • Turn off: playing mind games, complicating things, boredom, not being honest, being too shy and possesive, sensitivity
  • Turn on: strong, independent,wild, sporty woman, maybe a little tom-boyis, someone who's always ready for adventures,  wild, playfull expiriences, spontanity, childish, indipendent, sexuall women who know what they like and are always ready for action, good sense of humour
  • Warning: they love to chase and are going to do EVERYTHING to get you, but when they do, it's hard to keep them interested and get easily bored. 
  • When they find the 'right one': they are very loyal, suportive but they always need someone to competite with them and at the same time give them the space to be 'the boss', when they truly love someone they do it intensity, they'll show it to you in wild adventures, they can also become the jealous,protective types
Venus in taurus

Oh the heart that has truly loved never forgets, but as truly loves on to the close.
Thomas Moore (Venus in taurus)

  •  Approach to love: longlasting, loyal, true love, possesivity,stabillity,marriage material, practical, nature loves, beauty, pleasures, sex, art, glamour
  • Turn off: betrayal, lying, irresponsibility, taking relationships 'too easy', having a bad taste and being too naive
  • Turn on: sensuality, artistic,pleasurable, natural, friendliness,gifts, earthy beauty, hourglass bodies, femininity, natural people who, the 'aphroditian' types, sensitivity,good  artistic tastes, love for wood and a good taste
  • Warning: they can be verry possesive, also can overdue in pleasures like food,wine, sex... They also need long to forget ex girlfriends (or boyfriends)
  • When they find the 'right one': they only go in a relationship when they really like you and not for fun. They dream about being with you like forever, because they see in  you the person they want to spend their whole life with, marry, have kids. It's hard for them to leave and carry many scars from love. They will want to  share with you many pleasures in all directions.

Venus in gemini 

Is it that happy stretch of time when the lovers set to chronicling their passion. When no glance, no tone of voice is so fleeting but it shines with significance.
Ahdaf Soueif  (Venus in gemini)

  • Approach to love: freedom from heavy bonds, not knowing 'what they want',  sociall butterfly, charming,playfullness,curiosity and lots of talking and laughing, giggles are much preferred over passionate or grief stricken sobs.
  • Turn on: intelligence, curiosity and liveness over drop-dead good looks, wit, sense of humour, playfullnes,diversity, openess for people, intelectuall stimulating,love for changes, kindness, someone who talks a lot
  • Turn off:  boredom, jelaousy, possesivity,
  • Warning: may feel often conflicting and undecided in love, where many things and nothing is attractive all at once. They are known to be cheaters (NOT EVERYONE).They're hard to pin down, will escape anything too limiting or emotionally heavy, hate routine
  •  When they find 'the right one': first,you need to become friends. But while dating them, it's never boring. They love spontane and outrageous dates, they will have always new ideas for romance.They are very flirty and don't mind talking about love. But remember, they don't like heavy relationships. 
Venus in cancer

A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.
Honore de Balzac (Venus in cancer)

  •  Approach to love:  deep love of empathy and nurture,family, mothering, kindness and sensitivity, moody, loyal
  • Turn on: sweet, soft,warm women, typical 'housewives',someone who is a good cooker, they love big chest, it's very importnant to have a good relationship with your mother, cuddles and  tradition
  • Turn off: betrayal, lies, misstrust, being too direct or mean to others or your family, one night stands.
  • Warning: don't play with their emotions, they are VERY sensitive and won't forget anything bad you did to them. Once you play evil , it's hard for them to trust and open themself for you again. 
  • When they find 'the right one': they are cuddle addictive, they will love you with all their hearth and norture you like a princess, also marriage material. You know they truly love you when they take you to meet their mother, or invite you home

Venus in leo

People just getting totally gushy and over the top - I love that!
Sting (Venus in leo)

  • Approach to love: affection, movie-like love (a love like in The notebook), drama, entertainment , loyalty, love overduing, lots of compliments and being in the spotlight. If you boost their ego, you're gonna become back three times more. They'll make you feel like a queen (but he needs to be your king!).
  • Turn on: being in the spottlight, giving them lots of attention and compliments, proud,outgoing and gaudy women that are something special, bold, confident, but they have high standards and expectations and aren't lightly to get. Also, they love challenge (many of them are great at sport) and act like gentllemans, some of them are also attracted to women who wear lots of make up or jewerly
  •  Turn off: unrespectfull, humilliation, boredom, not giving them compliments, not being anythings speacial,not being in the spot light
  • Warning: they can become too self centered, egoistic and can think the world is spinning just around them. Also many 'macho' types have this position that only want your attention to hear how great they are
  • When they find 'the right one': the king found his queen. They are very loyal, fun to be with, always active, they'll make you feel like in a fairy-tale love story and will do everything for you
Venus in virgo

I won’t kiss you. It might get to be a habit and I can’t get rid of habits.
F. Scott Fitzgerald (Venus in virgo)

  • Approach to love: practical, perfectionists, loyal,modesty,dutiful,supportive, with love made daily tasks, they also love details.  They are not very flirtaous but think in the long run. They show their emotions quietly and slowly.
  • Turn on: simple appereances, healthy, natural and clean physical qualities, hygiene, taking care of your body,eating healthy food, organization, responsibillity, intelligence, modest and sensible approach to life
  • Turn off: people who are too direct, who don't have their life under controlle and are
  • Warning:The shadow side of this position is being overly critical of partners, picky, or worrisome. Many of them are also too  over-analyze their lovers. Also they need a great amount of time to show you their love and will give you lots of mixed signals. When they dissapear, just give them enough space... He will come back, if you're the right one.
  • When they find 'the right one': they express their love through practical ways, showing you their love through work, support and norturing. They are marriage material.

Venus in libra 

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
 Aristotle (Venus in libra)

  • Approach to love:  partnerships feels to them like something  natural in their lives, they always see the good in others,very flirty, they like to have a good time and mess around, kindness, beauty, asthetics, charm, grace and love, hate to hurt people
  • Turn on: very idealistic, they want you to look beautiful, fashionable, they instinctly know if you're the right one for them, someone who loves beauty and art, is intelligent, someone who's loved and adored from people, peace, harmony, music, art and grace
  • Turn off: anything that's unpleasant,  someone who doesn't have the style, someone who's not cultivated or doesn't care for people's feelings, someone who's not loyal and pessimistic
  • Warning: they can become charming to almost everyone so beware of false singnals, narccism, they need time to make a decision, which means NEVER put pressure on them for decision making, it will turn them off 
  • When they find the right one: VERY loyal, while in relationships they want the partner to give and accept everything from love, when theyfind the right one they stick with him/her no matter what, they're true romantics, lots of compliments and romantic expiriences, for him you're ONE and everything is 50/50

Venus in scorpio 

If you are ever betrayed, you are capable of hating with as much force and intensity as you once loved.
 Unknown (Venus in scorpio)

  • Approach to love: intense, soul binding attachments, possesive, jelaous, pain, dangerous love, honest and true adoration and love, sexuall and heavy emotionall love expressing, very private, many deep scars left from the people they love, love-hate relationships, sex, self destruction, craving for love,addiction to love, dark-heavy relationships, revenge, mind games, loyality
  • Turn on: a good mystery, the game of seduction, danger,  someone who has a healthy libido, a strong emotionally person, that's not going to bend easily to the venus in scorpios will,someone who they can trust, someone who can merge into an emotional union and will shy from those that like to keep things light and casual, someone who has some element of surrender
  • Turn off: mind games, betrayal, lies
  • Warning: they can become too dangerous or possesive, which can lead to lots of emotional (and in some cases also physical) pain. This position is the true dangerous-love-hate type which can in the baddest cases lead to real taboos.
  • When they find the right one: they will love you with all their hearth, they will protect you, respect you and do everyting for you, they will be your forever with everything they have, also good sex
 Venus in sagittarius

“Loving you is the greatest adventure I have ever known”
Unknown (Venus in sagittarius)

  • Approach to love: freedom, expansion, wisdom, joy, lighthearded,fun, they're very social and love adventures, a free spirit,travel, attracted to people from other backgrounds or places, philosops,exploring  the world with other inspiring people, they sometimes also idealize their partner but it’s a long, hard fall for them when they turn out to be less than perfect
  • Turn on: someone who has lots of friends, is inspiring and fun, someone that can teach them something new, someone who gives them enough freedom, curiosity, playing, a good sense of  humour, someone who's giving them new experiences,maybe someone who's from a different colture, 
  • Turn off: emotional drama, heavy relationship bounds, someone who's not inspiring and doesn't like to play or  doesn't teach them something new, someone who's not adventurous and is taking things too seriously
  • Warning: it’s not hard to win you as a casual partner, but getting you to commit is usually a matter both of timing, and someone having most of the right stuff.They also can be cheaters or are changing many partners, get easily bored and are better off being single than in a relationship. They need someone who gives them complete freedom.
  • When they find the right one: they'll give you a adventurous, playfull life with lots of travell and new expiriences, they'll give you lots of freedom, they will always be there for you and inspire you for expiriencing and learning new things. They will always want to make you feel alive.
 Venus in capricorn

I like intelligent women. When you go out, it shouldn’t be a staring contest.
 Frank Sinatra (Venus in capricorn)

  • Approach to love: private love, playing hard to get, fear of rejection, shy and reserved, but very commited, they might appear like they fear commitment, but in reallity they are just searching a serious commitment
  • Turn on: ambitious people, who are responsible and know what their goals are, hard worker, people with honor, respect, power, serious about success and status, they're often attracted to older, more expirienced women,  they're hard to get and won't go in a relationship just for fun, someone who they can trust and open up
  • Turn off: people who are too easy to get, naivity, stupidity, foolness, not having any ambitions, not giving a *uck about your life, being lazzy
  • Warning: they are hard to get and at the beginings they are very reserved because they don't know if they can trust you or if you are right for them. They often test people.
  • When they find the right one: they are VERY loyal, respect and protection,always there for them, they go with you through many difficulties with a sober mind, responsibillity, they will make sure that you've got everything you need, marriage material
Venus in aquarius

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love.
 Robert Fulghum (Venus in aquarius)

  • Approach to love: friendships, sense of humour, love of humanity, freedom, rebellion, taboo, lots of friends
  • Turn on: they like people with a weird sense of humour, they are looking for a good friend on the first place, people who are individual, open minded, intellectial stimulating, always for fun, they don't like heavy relationship bounds, they like girls who are special,unique, interesting, are somehow different than other girls, smart, good sense of humour,they love to hang out with friends while in a relationships, people who like experiments and are unconventional,rebellious and besides, they won't go for anybody
  • Turn off: close minded people, people who are emotional exhausting, people who are boring or stupid, people who will limit their freedom and at the same time won't be there for them
  • Warning: it's hard to know if they are flirting with you or just wanting to be friends because they treat everyone equally
  • When they find the right one: they will be always there for you, unique, interesting adventures, having lots of friends, having not just a good partner but also a best friend who accepts all you weird sites and love them, they seek stabillity and are loyal

 Venus in pisces

We loved with a love that was more than love.
 Edgar Allan Poe (Venus in pisces)

  • Approach to love: dreamy, spiritual, unconditional love, not seeing the person as it is, sensitivity, lies, fantasy, illusions, searching for their soul mate
  • Turn on: they like artistic people with a big imagination, spirituall awareness, having a good hearth, sweet, dreamy, innocent and shy girls, mysticism, mystery, caring, selfless, it also turn them on if they play the role of the 'saver' or 'healer' for people who need help
  • Turn off: don't be a bully, dangerous, mean, don't make fun od innocent people
  • Warning: they are big liers, also known as cheaters because: when they find out that you are not as perfect as they tought in their head, they start to search a new 'soul mate'. Also, from nature they can be very naive and they feel sorry for almost everyone. With these people you most of the time don't even know if you are in a relationship with them or not. They too fall for the wrong people that need to be saved or are addictive to drugs,sex or alcohol.
  • When they find the right one: they'll accept his partner with all his flaws, love him unconditionaly, it will feel like in a fairytale, big romance, it will feel like you are fated, they will write you poetry, songs or paint for you (very artistic). No one will love you more than venus in pisces. They are the TRUE, universal love.

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